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God, Physics, and Salvation: What Are We Supposed to Know?

This Christmas, I was thrilled to receive two books by theoretical physicists: Brian Greene’s “The Hidden Reality” and Stephen Hawking’s “The Grand Design.” As I was unwrapping these lovelies, my father pointed out that they both sound more like books … Continue reading

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Precognition: A Century of Experiments, Prejudice, Fraud, and Funny Math

Since seeing last week’s Through the Wormhole episode on precognition, I’ve been reading more on the subject. Valid criticisms have been raised: were the experiments that seemed to show precognition really better than random chance? Can we be sure of … Continue reading

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Precognition: More Scientific Than You’d Think

You’re probably heard of precognition. The word, of course, comes from the Latin “pre-” meaning “before” and “cognition,” meaning knowing or perception. The idea that humans can somehow “know” the future before it happens is everywhere–it’s the subject of ancient … Continue reading

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Eccentricity and the Creative Mind: An Insider’s View

I am not always creative. In fact, in recent years I have at times felt that my creative spark was dead for good. Fairly recently, I noticed an interesting correlation: the mindset I need to create is utterly antithetical to … Continue reading

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