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Perspective Check: Time For Some History Lessons

Last week’s Jurassic World-inspired postĀ got me thinking – there is so much of history that we don’t really know. While folks already complain about the quality of history classes in public schools, at their best these cover only the last … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage: What It Means, And Why We Need to Be Careful

Originally posted on Breaking the Cycle:
This morning, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that bans on same-sex marriage violate the U.S. Constitution. As of today, it should be legal for same-sex couples in any state to apply…

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Jurassic World – When Did the Dinosaurs Really Live?

The Jurassic Park franchise has long had the tagline: “An adventure 65 million years in the making.” A friend of mine recently asked: “Did the raptors really live 65 million years ago?” We commonly view “dinosaur” as a monolithic concept; … Continue reading

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Does increasing workers’ pay also increase profit?

Originally posted on Breaking the Cycle:
Bradley J / CC 2.0 We have been hearing a lot lately about the cycle of poverty and the desire to raise minimum wage. Proponents of theĀ measure say that a $15 per hour minimum…

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Perspective Check – American Tax History

Good evening, everyone, As election season approaches, taxes are a hot topic. Some vow to raise them, saying this will allow us to better our social programs for a more prosperous future; others vow to lower them, saying this will … Continue reading

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Travelling Around Mauritius in Pictures

This gallery contains 18 photos.

This is what life is like somewhere else.

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Income Inequality – We Need to Talk

Originally posted on Breaking the Cycle:
Lanekenworthy – CC 3.0 This blog is normally devoted to spreading positivity, peace, love, understanding, and all of that. We get more than enough negativity and combativeness in the outside world. Indeed, we are…

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