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Perspective Check: On Non-Exclusivism in Religion

Originally posted on The Queen of Cups:
Good evening, everyone, My roommate and I got into a conversation last night which raised an interesting point. In the West, it is absolutely ingrained in our culture that you are one religion…

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Victorian Morality, or, “WTF, England?”

With the rise of steampunk, the Victorian era is becoming popular again. It is, of course, an “alternate” Victorian era, very different from the one we had in reality. And with good reason; while the epic battles, old-school aesthetics, and … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street: What is it, Really, and Who Should Be Opposed?

Goodness knows we’ve heard enough about Occupy Wall Street this year. Protest, in America and around the world, has been so prevalent that Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2011 was the protester. But what is Occupy Wall Street, … Continue reading

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