Perspective Check: On Non-Exclusivism in Religion

Here’s a perspective we don’t get very often:

The Queen of Cups

Religious_diversity_in_Nagasaki,_Nagasaki_Prefecture,_island_of_Kyushu,_Japan.Good evening, everyone,

My roommate and I got into a conversation last night which raised an interesting point.

In the West, it is absolutely ingrained in our culture that you are one religion OR the another. The Abrahamic God proclaimed early on in his ministry that his followers were not to pay homage to any other gods or their customs; thus started the Abrahamic tradition of quite literally demonizing the divinities and traditions of other religions. “These things may exist,” opined the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, “but if so, they are evil. They are demons.”

Elaborate theologies of logic and philosophy were built by the Abrahamic scholars, explaining why their worldview was right and all others deeply flawed. Treatises were written on the evil and insufficiency of “untruth” and “demonism,” which were both terms frequently applied to the religions which were native to a region before the Abrahamic missionaries showed…

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