Welcome to Perspective Check

Butterfly NebulayWelcome, everyone, to this blog’s new direction.

Perhaps it’s not so much a new direction as a new realization of what this blog has always been.

I had previously, somewhat unhelpfully, categorized it as “a blog about everything.” That suits some tastes, but it’s not terribly informative.

I struggled for years as a writer who wanted to write, quite literally, about everything. The sciences have always particularly attracted me – but that was true no less for anthropology than it was for astronomy. The things that attracted me, it seemed, did not fall neatly into one category.

But what they did all have in common, I soon realized, was their effect on me: I was attracted to things that change our perspectives, that shake us out of the little far-from-universal boxes of our own worldviews.

This would explain my propensity to blog about history and socioeconomics with the same fervor as astronomy and biology; it would explain why my astronomy-centric blog often ended up containing posts about religion.

So rather than offering you a blog centered around a single subject matter, I offer you a blog with a mission: I will share, as frequently as possible, facts and thoughtstreams that challenge one’s perspective on the world.

From empathetic rodents to the amazing discoveries of the Kepler telescope to things you didn’t know about your own country, I will strive to put things in perspective.

Which perspective is the right one?

We don’t know, so we’d better try all of them.

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